These are the topics that have come up during design, and have yet to be resolved to my satisfaction. More than a list of “known unknowns,” this is a record of topics I’ve considered and theorized on, and didn’t feel I could make a final decision on quite yet.


As I worked on Theology, I was confronted by one of the primary functions of Religion as an institution: Answering the question, “What happens when you die?” Is there a Plane of the dead, managed by the Shepherd? Alternately, is there a Lesser God of the dead? Since this is a topic that impacts everything ranging from culture (funeral practices) to justice (capital punishment), all the way to player-centric concerns (character death and resurrection), it needs serious consideration…

Magic and other races/civilizations

The Magic system I’ve set up isn’t very friendly to the other races. One solution to this is to create multiple sources and systems of magic. The Durimer seem to provide a precedent for this line of thought, but their abilities are deliberately pretty weak, – note the lack of proper telepathy or telekinesis – they are intended for flavor more than as any kind of magic substitute…

Theoretically, every race could have their own system of magic, and that would be flavorful and thematic. Unfortunately, I want the game to be simpler than that. It’s no fun needing to own and reference 5 books to feel like you have a complete character. So the harder question remains… How do I work my current concept of magic into something everyone can play with? I could walk the thin line of story justification, and claim that the founders of the Kingdom were the first practitioners of magic south of the mountains, and everyone else has had to pick it up secondhand, but I’d have to watch that carefully. Using story to justify a poorly balanced game is just laziness.

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